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Every business and service provider is different, even when they offer similar services. The qualities that make each business unique boil down to the people behind the business. It’s the people that create the heart of the business, and in our view, that’s the most important part of every business. So what is it that sets Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings apart?

Photography Expertise

Our photographers are trained with years of experience in capturing life’s special moments. The creativity that we bring to your photos are a combination of experience, training, and most of all, artistry. It is one thing to point and shoot a camera, but quite another to stage an image to reflect the beauty of the moment. Our knowledge of lighting, posing, and the equipment we use all contribute to our ability to present life-long memories to our wedding couples with their wedding photography. Many Outdoor Vegas Wedding companies operate on a “shoot-and-burn” policy, shooting continuously during a wedding, and then immediately handing over 100+ images as part of your package. What brides discover after the fact is that out of 100 images, 60+ of them will be duplicates taken one right after the other, or shots with closed eyes or other distractions that dilute the moment. In most of our wedding packages, services include working with the couple in staging and posing for the best images, and skill with post-processing in drawing out the best color and light elements to make your images really pop. Each image really is a work of art. Rather than going for mediocre quality and high volume, we try to concentrate on creating and providing the best images available. Every photographer that we work with is a fully-trained and experienced photographer to capture the best about your moment.


Professional-Grade Equipment

With all of the effort and resources that we have put into the Luv Bug herself, we have invested even more into our photo and video equipment. In order to properly capture the moment and bring out the best in your images and video, we have acquired professional-grade, high-quality camera equipment. We work to ensure we are properly equipped to record one of the biggest moments in your life. For your photos, we have duplicate equipment so in the rare event that there is a malfunction (God forbid) we can switch cameras and continue on without unnecessary delays. Each camera is equipped with dual memory card backups so in the rare event that a card fails, there is redundancy to help protect from loss. We provide 100% digital delivery of your photos, and backup both on hard drive and in the cloud to ensure there will never be  loss of your photo memories. Our digital delivery platform allows you to share your wedding album with friends and loved ones and even provides a store so if your Aunt Emily from half a world away wants to order a print of your photos, she can purchase it right online and have it shipped to her home. Our digital delivery allows our couples to share their photos or video with friends and family around the world, so even if they cannot attend the wedding event, they can still experience the beauty of the moment.

Wedding Experience

We have been involved in wedding services for years and worked with couples from all over the world to make their wedding day unforgettable.  When you need someone to guide you through one of the most intimate moments of your lives, you’ll want to have someone who holds that moment as truly special, and takes your celebration seriously and professionally.

We Believe in Love

We understand that every love story that includes romance, ecstasy, high hopes, disappointments, tragedy, overcoming, healing, and restoration. We believe that Love can conquer all, and that rather than a fleeting feeling that chooses to come and go, that love is something precious, and that it is worth fighting for. We believe that marriage is the highest expression of romantic love, and rather than the wedding day being a finish line to be reached, that it is a starting line that begins a lifetime of learning, growing, celebrating, triumphing, forgiving, and deepening of the human experience. Every couple has their own unique story, and their story is a compelling truth that every person in love can be strengthened by. We believe in every couple that chooses to allow us the privilege of celebrating their special day. We believe that love can change us from the inside out, if we surrender to it, and let it make us into our best selves. Choosing to commit yourself to another person for a lifetime is a big step, and we don’t take it lightly. We started Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings because although life can feel like a fairytale at times, it can also feel like a tragedy at others. It is because of the difficult moments that we overcome that makes love a truly redeeming force for good. The marriage moment is a promise, a commitment, and a celebration of all that life brings. Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings believes in you, and in your love story. That’s why we do what we do. That’s why we love what we do, and we are honored by each couple that chooses to let us celebrate their big moment with them. In short, we LUV love.

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