Tracy & Donald chose to elope to the Valley of Fire’s Rainbow Vista for their Las Vegas Wedding. Surrounded by beautiful red limestone and sweeping vista views, they proclaimed their love for one another in one of the most beautiful wedding venues that Las Vegas has to offer.

We see dozens of couples every year that choose to step away from work and home to celebrate an intimate ceremony between just the two of them. 


A quick drive north of the Las Vegas Valley will reveal an environment that belies the glitter and shine of the Las Vegas Strip. Beleive it or not, this is a true Vegas Wedding. It seems like another world altogether, and it’s attraction is unmatched.


The Romance of a Valley of Fire Wedding is unmistakable. There is nowhere else within hundreds of miles that will provide the same sort of enchantment for your Las Vegas wedding.

Laughter! Not to take things too seriously~ if we laugh together every day (and we usually do) it is a great day! We are definitely best friends and love just being together!

If you are interested in planning your own Valley of Fire Luv Story, you can reach out to us with the contact form below. We LUV spreading the Luv!