Is it legal? Often in the movies we see people who go to Las Vegas to party, get really drunk and wake up married. 😱 Married By Mistake, What Happens in Vegas, and The Hangover, just to name a few. Some visitors are on their guard for their entire Las Vegas vacation so they don’t accidentally marry in Vegas.

Fortunately, it’s a bit more involved than that. 

If you marry in Las Vegas it is legal worldwide. However, you have to have the proper paperwork, such as a valid Nevada marriage license. In order to obtain the license both bride and groom have to appear in person with photo ID to purchase the license. Passports work great for identification in obtaining a marriage license in Las Vegas.

You also cannot obtain the license if you appear to be under the influence. Drunk, high, or otherwise impaired couples will be turned away by the Las Vegas Marriage License Bureau. Furthermore, if you arrive at a chapel or other marriage provider and appear to be under the influence, they have the discretion to not perform your wedding ceremony. 🍻

You will then take ALL the paperwork with you to your Vegas Wedding ceremony. The wedding officiant will fill out the necessary forms and you will receive a gift copy and they will file the official copy with the Clark County Clerk’s office to enter your marriage into the legal record. After 10 days, you can purchase the certified marriage certificate from the Clerk’s website and they will mail it to you.

Some countries require an apostille in addition to the certificate of marriage, while others do not. For example, if you were married in Vegas, is it legal in the UK? Absolutely. The UK has no requirement to report or register your foreign marriage as long as it was conducted legally in the country in which you married. So for a Vegas wedding, all you would need is the official marriage certificate filed after the wedding. 

However, some other countries require more of a process (looking at you, Spain & Belgium) with an apostille (international notary statement) along with the marriage certificate and an application for their individual country. It is wise to check with your country of residence for the necessary process. Marriages in Las Vegas are legal, but it may take a bit of paperwork to have it registered.

So while marrying in Vegas for UK citizens is a breeze, (and Canada, and Australia), other countries require a bit more effort.

You can relax on your next vacation to Las Vegas, because the chances of getting accidentally married are virtually zero. You can get married in Vegas, but you have to intentionally do so. ❤️

If you travel to Las Vegas for the purpose of getting married in Las Vegas, then you have the option to plan ahead for your big day. At LV Luv Bug Weddings, we can schedule you a year and a half ahead.

The Clark County Marriage Bureau (Las Vegas Marriage License Bureau) even has an online pre-application for you to enter your details and speed up the process once you arrive in Las Vegas.

We also have packages that can sort out hair and makeup appointments, reserving the venue, transportation to and from your wedding venue, florals, and even ordering your official marriage certificate so you don’t have to worry about it after the wedding. 

We have worked with trusted vendors for over a decade and can streamline your special day to help take stress off of you and your fiancé. All you have to remember is to obtain the marriage license and bring the rings to the ceremony!

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