We are often asked the question: ‘Do you do vow renewals?” The answer is YES! All of our wedding packages can be reserved for your Las Vegas Wedding vow renewal. A celebration of the life you are building as husband and wife doesn’t end with the marriage ceremony. There are anniversaries, celebrations, defining-event mile-markers, and yes, a renewal of vows that mark the way during the course of married life.

Renewing your vows is a way to revisit the foundation of your love for each other, a recommitting to what brought you together in the first place. Life can takes some crazy dips and turns, and we find that grabbing hold of something solid, like a reminder of forever love is an incredibly stabilizing force. Vow renewals allow us to proclaim that ‘We STILL do!’ even after walking for years together.

A Vegas vow renewal also gives us a chance to bring along the kids who may not have been present at the wedding. Letting them see Mom and Dad profess their love for each other in a simple, romantic ceremony gives them a way to see how it all began. Children also get a chance to celebrate what their home is built upon, the love between two people that started the family. (Even if they still think kissing is gross)  😉

If you were thinking about booking a Vegas vow renewal, you could consider capturing some family photos with the kids while you are at it. I mean, how often does the whole family get all dressed up and go to an amazingly beautiful spot with a professional photographer?

A Vegas vow renewal is much the same as the wedding ceremony. We ask if you still take each other as husband and wife, we have you repeat and reinforce your vows of commitment to one another. Many couples have opted to read their original wedding vows to each other as a meaningful reminder.

If you are wearing your original rings, or if you are upgrading for your anniversary, we perform a ring exchange and have vows of the ring for you to repeat to each other. Many couples choose to renew on their 10th, 15th, 25th, or even 50th anniversary, but there are no rules. You can choose to celebrate 6 years or any of amount of time together and it doesn’t have to be exactly on your anniversary if it doesn’t fit your travel arrangements.

There are several milestones that may lead you to consider a Vegas vow renewal. Sociologists say that it takes roughly seven years in a committed relationship for a couple to establish a foundation of trust and to relax in the marriage. We’ve had many couples celebrate their 7th anniversary to celebrate that milestone.

The next most popular is the 10th anniversary, where you have lived your first decade as husband and wife and created a whole bunch of new memories that can be celebrated, as well as new memories made. Ten is a nice round number, and when you arrive at double digits, that’s a big deal for a marriage! The 15th is not far behind, and many of our couples renew on their 15th wedding anniversary.

The next big milestone in Las Vegas vow renewals is the 25th wedding anniversary. There are a lot of couples that arrive at this place and realize that they have lived together longer than they have been apart. It is a heavy moment when it sinks in: “I have been in love with this person longer than I have lived alone.” That’s over half of your life you’ve spent with one person! Isn’t that what marriage is all about? The 30th anniversary comes in close behind the 25th.

The next huge celebration often comes at the 50th wedding anniversary. That’s half a century! Most often, by this point there are grandchildren in the mix and it becomes a multi-generational celebration, honoring the couple that started off the love story by marrying 50 years past.

So whichever anniversary you choose to celebrate, or whether you opt for a romantic Valley of Fire wedding location, Nelson Ghost Town wedding location, or even the Las Vegas Strip wedding location, we can help you celebrate and capture some amazing photo images of your Vegas vow renewal! If you would like more information and pricing, please feel free to fill out the contact form below, and we can provide you with a detailed quote.

The only thing we can’t help you with is becoming comfortable with your mate’s driving…