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Our Luv Story

How Luv Bug Began


Hello! We are Tim and Pam and we are the proud owners and operators of Luv Bug Weddings. We founded Luv Bug together 11 years ago, on Valentine’s Day, and have been luving working together ever since.

    We first met in high school in Southern California in the late ‘80s and after high school, began a dating relationship that led to a 30+ year love story that we have built together.

    In 1997, we moved our family  to Las Vegas with our three children to start a small church. Church work was hectic and exhausting, especially since Tim had to work 50+ hours a week at another job to support the family. On the suggestion of a friend, he looked into performing wedding ceremonies as a way to support the family without being gone all week. From the first wedding, he was hooked! Being able to witness such a powerful moment when two hearts come together for a life-long commitment was a moving experience, time and again.

    After 13 years of living and working in Las Vegas, we had to deal with Tim’s unexpected heart attack and emergency bypass surgery. On February 13, he was driving to work and felt short of breath. By the time he reached work, his arm was aching and his forehead was tingling. Reaching the hospital, we discovered he was in full-blown cardiac arrest. After waiting several hours for a surgery room and a cardiac surgeon, he spent the morning of Valentine’s Day in emergency triple-bypass surgery. The surgeons said it was miraculous that he was still alive and that his heart restarted as strong as it did.


    In the months that followed, as Tim fought to regain his strength, we both knew that we wanted to live life differently, still working together, but not at the hectic pace we had before. So we both went back to school. I (Pam) pursued a degree in Photography, and Tim undertook a degree in Business Administration.

    During this period of recovery and schooling, our marriage  entered one of the most difficult years we had ever experienced. There were several moments when we looked at each other, with the question hanging in the air, “Is our love story over?” Most couples have a similar story of difficulty at some point, where everything that was once solid has been shaken, and they are unsure of where they are headed or what they were trying to build together.

    Fortunately for this story, we both decided that our love was worth fighting for. Not just fighting for, but even sacrificing and dying for. We rebuilt our love, this time even stronger, having already walked through the “for better or worse, in sickness and in health” that life had to offer. We are more in love today than when we said our original wedding vows!

Luv Bug Feet out Window

    When Tim unexpectedly lost some of the business he had developed in a few of the local wedding chapels in Las Vegas we determined that it wasn’t going to set us back, and decided to move ahead with a dream we had considered years previously. We began to plan on offering an independent wedding and photography service, utilizing our combined experience and talents. But knowing we didn’t want to just be the wedding and photo people, we realized it really had to have a personality. Sitting and working through all the possibilities, I (Pam) had a flash of inspiration, and said, “We could call it the Luv Bug.” As soon as I said it out loud, the whole thing came together for the both of us.

    From that moment, Luv Bug took on a life of it’s own. A cute 2000 VW Beetle was found and christened with a beautiful bubblegum pink wrapping, and sprinkled with gerber daisies around her fenders. She was the face of Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings until we recently had to retire her.

    Coincidentally, on Valentine’s Day, three years to the day of Tim’s heart surgery, the Las Vegas Luv Bug was born, and Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings began offering their unique service to couples who wanted to marry in Las Vegas. Soon after,  couples from all over the world began finding us and meeting us in Las Vegas to say their vows in the most unique places, and more and more are coming each day. Today we and a few dedicated ministers and photographers work together to help make every couple’s love a celebration to remember.

    We still both agree that we love the Luv Bug almost as much as we love each other. Almost.


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