Vegas may be known around the globe as “Sin City” but what many don’t know is that outside of the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas Strip she also has a softer,  sweeter side. In the past, tourists that visited Las Vegas for the purposes of getting “hitched” usually settled for quick nuptuals at one of the local chapels, but things are changing. Can I hear an AMEN! I mean come on, after the discovery of Pinterest and the thousands of wedding boards created for and by women around the world, who hasn’t pinned away at their dream wedding board into the wee hours of the night? Whatever theme you are dreaming of for your small wedding or elopement there’s a large possibility that we can help, from Steampunk to Elvis and just about everything in-between we have imagined it. Today’s highlighted wedding has some elements in it that had my little girl heart jumping for joy…pixie’s! Did you know that the smaller the fairy the faster they fly?


The bride and groom pictured below chose a small ceremony (friends and family) at Floyd Lamb Park (aka Tule Springs). They incorporated the warm colors of Fall into their wedding through their choice of flowers and the pixie’s tutus.


In late October Tule Springs is still lush and green and the mature trees throughout the park have just begun to show their Fall leaves.


Anthony and Michelle (the bride and groom) chose to start their ceremony right before sunset adding to the park’s natural features but giving everything a warm, romantic tone.


The trees, grass, and ponds at Tule Springs/Floyd Lamb Park make it a great spot for Vintage, Fairy Tale, or Rustic inspired weddings. We think Anthony and Michelle did an amazing job keeping their wedding beautifully simple! Even the smallest personal touches make a HUGE difference in the photos.

As a photographer I am always on the look-out for the details that reflect the personalities of the bride and groom and if I happen to miss one Tim will be sure to point it out for me to photograph. We make such a good team and did I mention we LUV themes? We do, we really do!