High School Sweethearts Julia and Austin decided to elope to Las Vegas for their big wedding day in January of 2018. January is one of our cooler months, so you will see Bride Julia with a faux-fur wrap in most of her photos to keep the chill off of her shoulders. Their reasons for choosing a Valley of Fire wedding elopement is becoming more and more common: To escape the stress and drama of planning a big wedding back home.

Their intimate Valley of Fire wedding was the perfect way for them to celebrate the beginning of their lives together as Husband and Wife, and create some life-long memories along with some amazing wedding photos to share with future generations. The Valley of Fire is just outside of Las Vegas and is the perfect place to capture a romantic, natural setting in the Mojave Desert for a ceremony and photo tour.

How long have you been together as a couple? 

7 1/2 Years

Austin took me out to a nice steak house for our 5 year anniversary. We were seated in secluded area of the restaurant with flowers and candles on our table. He asked me at the end of our meal. We knew we wanted to wait a year or 2 before having the wedding.

Why did you choose to get married in Vegas?

It started as a joke by Austin’s dad. But our guest list grew to almost 200 people and we really wanted small wedding. We figured a destination wedding would help shorten that list and we were right!

How did you find Luv Bug Weddings and what made you choose us?

A lot of online research for Las Vegas weddings. I just kept coming back to Luv Bug weddings because the pictures from the Valley of Fire were so beautiful and it was different from any other Vegas wedding. The Valley of Fire option was just too beautiful to pass up and it was unlike any other Vegas wedding.

The photo tour! It ended up being the coldest day our entire trip I’m Vegas. 51°F! We were freezing our butts off! But we knew it was going to be worth it for the beautiful pictures!

Probably all of the entertainment.

Pick your battles! 😉

If you would like to have Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings help you redefine your Vegas Wedding, reach out to us today and we will help you plan all the details!