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Why To Use a Mobile Wedding Company For Your Vegas Wedding

Why To Use a Mobile Wedding Company For Your Vegas Wedding

More and more engaged couples are growing familiar with destination weddings. Traditionally, destination weddings would be somewhere tropical like Hawaii, or Fiji and completely different from most venues or settings from near home. The benefit of marrying in the same locale as the honeymoon provides for a lower cost of the wedding. While Vegas is home to several world-class resorts, Las Vegas destination weddings have been stereotyped as the cheesy chapel or Elvis wedding for decades, but in the last ten to fifteen years, that image has been changing.

Vegas does have the distinction of being the wedding capitol of the world, and it is also known as the Elvis capitol of the world, eclipsing even Graceland in the minds of all but the most devoted Elvis fans. Weddings and Elvis are linked in the Las Vegas mystique, and have become a cartoonish caricature of the original. Not that we are against a fun Elvis wedding or vow renewal, we even provide an Elvis Wedding Package at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign.

But for the couples who desire to enjoy the resorts, casinos, and dining that Vegas has to offer, without diving into the cliche of a Vegas wedding, there are other options available.

Our Nelson Ghost Town Weddings offering allows you to choose a rustic setting in a historic mining town for your ceremony and photos. Set at the historic Techatticup mine site in Eldorado canyon, little remains from the 1800's when it was a boom town. But the current owners have added rustic buildings made of reclaimed and weathered wood, and antique cars and trucks that are spread around the property, with even a few fabricated vehicles that were made up in an artistic effort.


The Mojave Desert provides a setting unlike anywhere on earth. From historic ghost towns like Nelson (pictured above) to the stunning red rock of the Valley of Fire State Park just north of Las Vegas, there are great options for a destination wedding to be held in a scenic, natural location. Desert weddings are increasing in popularity, and to most travelers' surprise, Las Vegas, of all places, has some of the best spots for a desert wedding.

For some better images of our desert wedding venues, click over to our Galleries page and choose the spot you'd like to see.

While Red Rock canyon sits on the outer edge of the Las Vegas Valley, it is a federal park and they only allow marriage ceremonies in two spots, the Overlook and Calico Basin. Both are far removed from the actual red rocks and you only get to see them in the distance from your wedding venue. Valley of Fire, on the other hand, is a Nevada State Park and they have multiple wedding locations that allow us to get right up next to and even onto many of the beautiful red sandstone formations. 


The Valley of Fire State Park is about an hour's drive north of the Las Vegas Strip via I-15. It was Nevada's first state park, established in 1935. The brilliant red rocks are the product of iron in the sandstone oxidizing when exposed to the elements. This produces a rich red color, that in certain lighting situations, conjure the image of a blazing fire. Some of the most romantic natural settings for a wedding can be found here, as attested to by couples from all over the world who have said their vows at the Valley of Fire.


Another great natural setting is at Tule Springs in Floyd Lamb Park. Tule Springs has several tree-lined ponds, with ducks, geese, and peacocks roaming around the property freely. It is one of the only spots we do weddings that shows the change of seasons, with deep greens in spring and summer, to the yellow and orange tones of fall beginning in November.

Tule Springs is also host to several historic buildings from Las Vegas' early history, and was a working ranch before it became a city park. The buildings have been preserved, and in the center of it all is a beautiful white gazebo with a tree-lined walkway leading up to it. In early 2016 we are looking forward to making a major announcement for our Tule Springs wedding packages. It will be something that every bride who wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day will love!


Tule Springs is locate 30 minutes north of the Las Vegas Strip, just off the 95 highway and Durango Drive. It was settled originally in 1905 because it was a good source for ground water provided by a natural spring. The ranch was developed in the 1940's by a new owner to become a 'divorce ranch.' Nevada only required a 6-week residency to file for divorce, so people from all over the US would come to stay at the ranch for the required time obtain Nevada residency, and then file for their divorce. In a twist of romanic fate, it is now a coveted wedding venue for couples in Luv who want to incorporate the natural beauty of the park into their wedding day. There is even a good chance that your wedding might get photo-bombed by geese or peacocks....  ;)

These are three of our favorite wedding and photo spots, and are some of the most-requested locations that we serve. The benefit of using a mobile company for your destination wedding is being able to package together most of what you will need to pull off your big day.

We have basic packages that provide just ceremony and photos with the use of a silk floral bouquet, or we also provide all-inclusive packages that include limo transportation, hair and makeup for the Bride, fresh floral bouquets, photo tour, and HD video. Finding a mobile wedding provider like Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings means you won't have to chase down all these elements on your own by long distance, but we can help guide your wedding celebration to it's happy conclusion.

Keep an eye out for our next installment of mobile wedding services in our post next week, where we discuss our more Las-Vegas style offerings, from the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign to the Las Vegas Strip.