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Valley of Fire Desert Wedding
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Valley of Fire Desert Wedding
Valley of Fire Desert Wedding
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Valley of Fire Weddings

The Valley of Fire State Park, located just outside of Las Vegas, NV, is Nevada’s oldest State Park, dedicated in 1935. The entire valley is dotted with vibrant red sandstone formations, caused by a high content of iron oxide in the sandstone. Certain sections of the park contain petroglyphs from the Anasazi indian tribe, who lived in the Moapa Valley and held the sandstone formations in high regard as a site for religious ceremonies.

It is no surprise then, that the Valley of Fire has become a premier destination for Las Vegas Desert Weddings. As a Las Vegas destination wedding location, the Valley of Fire has a lot to offer. From the panoramic view on Rainbow Vista, showing a breath-taking backdrop of red, tan, and white sandstone, to The Cabins, three small, one-room huts made from the surrounding red stones, there is no place you will not find a beautiful, scenic wedding location. Las Vegas outdoor weddings have been redefined by Vegas wedding venues like the Valley of Fire.

In order to plan a Valley of Fire Wedding, couples have to choose a Las Vegas Wedding vendor who has been approved and licensed by the Nevada State Park system. There is a fee to reserve a Valley of Fire wedding location, and it is based on the number of guests that come with the party. An option for a photo tour with our professional Las Vegas Wedding Photographer can be reserved for an additional fee. The park sets strict limits on where Vegas wedding ceremonies and photo tour sessions can be held. As an approved vendor, Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings can handle all aspects of your Valley of Fire Wedding. We can provide limousine transportation, hair and makeup for the bride, professional wedding photography for your ceremony, and even cake pops and champagne toast for the Bride and Groom.

Let us help you plan your Las Vegas Destination Wedding, submit an inquiry today, and we will forward you all your options for a Valley of Fire Wedding that will be unforgettable! All packages are subject to our Terms and Conditions. Las Vegas outdoor weddings are incomparable to Las Vegas Wedding chapels. They are much more romantic and unforgettable Vegas wedding venues than any Vegas chapel.

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