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Valley of Fire Wedding Via Utah

Valley of Fire Wedding Via Utah

This lovely young couple drove down from the Salt Lake area of northern Utah for their Las Vegas Valley of Fire Wedding. Beginning just before sunset, and working well into the twilight, we were able to celebrate their marriage ceremony and capture some amazing shots on their Valley of Fire Photo Tour. There is no bad place to take photos at the Valley of Fire, especially when you have such a good-looking couple in love!

 This blog has a few more images than normal, because we couldn't decide which ones to use and which one's to leave out. So enjoy!

So, upon entering the park, we inadvertently left our Luv Bug phone in the restrooms at the park entrance and didn't realize it until just after the wedding ceremony. With the sun setting, we knew we would have to wait until we were all done to go and look for it, and hope the restrooms were still open. 

That's when this group of friendly hikers pulled up and congratulated our couple as we were doing photos, then asked if we had lost a phone. They had our phone! So we thanked them profusely and we had them pose with our Bride and Groom in a thank-you photo. Thank God for nice hikers...