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National Pink Day Leads To #PinkBeetle

National Pink Day Leads To #PinkBeetle

So, apparently today, June 23, is National Pink Day - who knew? We did.

Today is a day that celebrates the color pink, which for us, is almost every day, but on this day you all get to join in too! According to the National Day Calendar website, to observe National Pink Day, you can wear pink, eat foods that are pink, drink drinks that are pink, and use #NationalPinkDay in social media. Fun.

Now, we have celebrated the color pink since we started Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings and rolled out our #pinkbeetle on Valentine's Day, 2013.  Our first blog post in 2014 was basically an announcement of this new website featuring our #pinkbeetle, and if you've seen our Home page or About Us pages, you know that the Luv Bug is a huge part of who we are.


But what you may not have known is that Volkswagen, USA also knows about National Pink Day. They have used this auspicious occasion to announce the rollout of #pinkbeetle for their 2017 lineup! We can't tell you how excited we are about this release!

The 2017 #pinkbeetle will be a turbo-charged, 17" wheeled, limited-edition model that you won't be able to see just anywhere. No, you will have to be one of the lucky few who buy one, or happen to have a VW dealer in your town where you can visit one. We, of course, will have to find the first model to hit Las Vegas this fall and go and visit, because, well, we are practically family, right? 

Who knows, maybe you will see us in the New Luv Bug for 2017 in a #pinkbeetle - Stay Tuned!

 (here's an image we found from browsing #pinkbeetle on Twitter today)