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Mercedes and Darin’s Desert Luv Story

Mercedes and Darin’s Desert Luv Story

Darin & Mercedes met at work in the foodservice industry, where she was actually a manager of the crew he was working on. Mercedes thought that Darin had another co-worker in mind when they all went out for drinks after work one night. Shortly after that, he invited her over to play pool with some friends and they sparked a relationship that set them on course for their Nelson Ghost Town Wedding! After dating for only a month, Mercedes was sure that he was the one. Seeing how Darin immediately bonded with her young son, Zeke, confirmed that feeling for her. After 15 months of dating, Darin and Mercedes made their way to their Las Vegas Wedding at Nelson with two friends as witnesses and tied the knot.


I had been laying in bed ill one night and Darin asked me 'If he could be the man to take care of me the rest of my life?' and of course replied, 'well duh!' (all sarcastic) and then he got out of bed. Which I thought to take a drink of water or whatever and then he gets back into bed and starts kissing me and holds my hand (and at this time I don't even realize he is putting the ring on my finger). We lay in bed for a little while and he is holding me the tightest he has ever before. I get up to go use the restroom and as I'm washing my hands I feel another ring on my hand. I don't even pay much attention to what the ring even looks like at this point... I just yell upstairs 'Darin, there is a f@#$%^*g ring on my finger!?!?!?!!??' I run upstairs and I am shaking and jump on the bed and ask him if that was really him just proposing to me and he says 'yeah.. and you said yeah..'

I look down and it is a ruby red cross with the words 'Estaguetis and Albondiga' engraved on it. Which were Darin and mine nicknames from a coworker at Burger King. Meaning Spaghetti and Meatball. He is my tall skinny Spaghetti and I am the short, chunky Meatball. I told Darin one time that if he were to ever propose to not spend tons of money on a ring. That it would be cool to have an unusual ring with something silly, like our Spanish Nicknames, engraved on a ring. Therefore he did that and picked a Red Cross, which is perfect for me. We laid in bed that night both tearing up and holding each other and of course, me blabbing every idea I have ever thought about my entire life about my big day. He was a champ and agreed with pretty much every idea. Lol.

How did you find Luv Bug Weddings?

We honestly were online and had checked out so many different options. We had thought about doing one of the Zombie Elvis Weddings because I feel like the actual Chapel would have been cool but I feel like the overacting of the officiant wouldn't have made it feel special. We then were looking into the Neon Boneyard but that was so ridiculous in pricing. I clicked on a couple of smaller websites that led me to your website and I was instantly in love. Darin's Grandma owns an antique shop and we are both into antiques and old buildings and just completely unusual things so I showed Darin this option, and he immediately said 'Yes, that's the one.'

What made you decide to choose Luv Bug?

Honestly because the photos are going to be absolutely gorgeous and unique. It was a once in a lifetime experience and not many people have heard about it so it is great to say that we got married in a very unique and gorgeous place. I also love that you both are married, and helping people start their lives together. That you Pam, are the one that does the Photography and props and such but Tim, that you help her and you are the officiant. It is something that I can honestly see Darin and I doing one day.

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?

The venue was nothing like I have never seen before. It was amazing. You guys made us feel like we could be ourselves and not have to be super uptight. I loved Tim's words at the ceremony and that Pam took all my requests and concerns for the photos. We are blessed to have you guys be apart of our huge day the rest of our lives. Thank you so much.

What is your best advice for keeping the Luv on in you relationship?

Mercedes says: Communication, Trust, Loyalty, Compromises, Laughter, Adventures, Support and Trying to see the Others Point of Views. And of course, making sure to try new things together.

Darin says: Well it helps when you find the right person... Don't sweat the little things. Enjoy the time we spend together as a Family.