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Las Vegas Strip Wedding Luv Story 2-29

Las Vegas Strip Wedding Luv Story 2-29

Leap Day only comes once every four years, which leads to the argument that if your wedding anniversary is on 2-29, that you only have an anniversary once in 4 years, right? Sorry, guys, every bride knows that when you marry on 2-29, that you celebrate two days every year, on 2-28 and on 3-1 just to cover all the bases.

Danyel and Vince along with a couple of their closest friends, celebrated their Leap Day marriage on the Las Vegas Strip this year. They knew each other in high school and reconnected later in life. Even though they dated for 2 years, they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together as husband and wife, so they traveled from their home to celebrate their Vegas Wedding. This is a little bit of their Luv story.


  • We just always knew that we would get married and never really thought twice. It was a decision we made together.

  • Through internet search of Las Vegas Weddings.

  • Its a fun place and we love it there. It's warm and away from our every day lives. We eloped so it was the obvious choice.

  • I loved your story and the pictures were amazing!! (We were going to do just a little cheap chapel wedding until I saw your site and just knew that Luv Bug had to be the one!)

  • Ellen show setting up where we were supposed to be married. :)

Yes, the Ellen DeGeneres show had built a huge stage right where we normally perform our ceremonies...


Image Credit: Crusader Chronicle

Image Credit: Crusader Chronicle

  • The weather!!

  • Being each others friend and respecting that friendship.