High School Graduation is a rite of passage in our modern society, where young adults are crossing over into adulthood, for better or worse. Senior portraits are a window into this crossover which can seem fleeting. For the parents, it seems like this has come up way too fast, while for the Senior, they have waited their whole lives to graduate school and then make their own choices about their lives.

The senior photo stands apart from standard school pictures, and even family photos. A good senior portrait will capture the personality of the subject, as well as some foreshadowing of the life they will build from here on out. Most schools force their seniors to take photos at the beginning of the school year, and for a short window in the fall. But what can happen in 8 short months is that many seniors make a dramatic transformation as they step nearer adulthood. Looking back at our own teen’s transformations, they looked much more mature in the couple of months before their graduation ceremony.

Your Senior Portrait photography session should be scheduled when you are ready, not when the schools or their providers say it’s time. You are the client, not a student to be managed. It should be in a location you desire, with the wardrobe and props (like your car) that say something about you. These senior portraits are going to be what your family (especially grandparents) will display in their homes for the rest of their lives. One day, you will take your children to your parent’s home, and they will see your senior photos hanging on the wall. Trust me, we are speaking from experience! Make sure your senior portraits are what you want them to be, because they will be with you the rest of your life.