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Holiday Wedding Engagements, Thanksgiving-New Year’s

Holiday Wedding Engagements, Thanksgiving-New Year’s

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, the holidays are coming, and that means family get-togethers, turkey dinners, decorations, Christmas Trees, and Menorahs, but is ALSO means that thousands of couples will get engaged between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.

The Wedding Report Survey shows that almost 23% of marriage proposals happen in November and December. If you stretch it out from Thanksgiving Day to Valentine's Day, that number jumps to 43% of annual wedding engagements taking place in 2 1/2 months! Almost half of couples who become engaged will make the decision between now and February 14th. So, Thanksgiving Day is truly the starting line for the holiday engagement season.

You will begin to notice that social media will start to produce more and more wedding announcements in the coming days, and many will either celebrate it, or mourn the concentration of such marital bliss-expectation.

But if you are not opposed to this wedding-engagement onslaught (which we are not), then the holidays can be the perfect time to start the planning of your married lives together. In a time when we come together and the focus is family and what truly matters, it is no mystery why marriage comes up so easily.

Marriage is a life-long journey with someone who you don't just want to hang out with, but someone that you don't want to experience life without. The one that we feel we want to share the details of our lives with. Marriage isn't just about the big events, but the everyday, small things that happen in life that we want to share with that special person.

When we come home from work and we want to tell someone what happened in our day. When we want to go somewhere nice for dinner, and there is no one else we would rather go with. When we think about children, and we cant imagine being a parent with anyone else. When we are decorating the tree, and imagine how we'd like to do this every year with this one, special soul. These are the signs of romantic love, but even more than that, signs of a willingness to commit ourselves to someone else for a lifetime. 

If you've come to that point, and you are ready to take the leap into married love, the holidays feel like a natural extension of that sentiment. If you are hoping to have that important conversation but are stuck on how to proceed, then there are actually online blogs to help you do just that.


Whatever you decide to do with your marriage proposal, guys, every girl will tell you to HAVE IT PHOTOGRAPHED!!! According to a 2011 Shutterfly survey, 74% of married and engaged women desired to have their engagement moment photographed. This is one of the reasons that Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings has offered a Vegas Marriage Proposal package.

Las Vegas is a #1 tourist destination and filled with resorts and romantic dining options that can help create the perfect engagement atmosphere. Known as the Wedding Capitol of the World, Las Vegas is known world-wide for marriages, not just gambling and showgirls. If you are planning to propose in Las Vegas, then let us help you capture the moment. Your bride, and consequently you, will be so glad you did!

So happy holidays, and pop that question! (spread the LUV)