Performing wedding ceremonies in Las Vegas is oftentimes the tail end of a long process of planning and preparation, but also can be semi-spontaneous. Whether you are a planner, who gathers details for a year before setting the details out, or an in-the-moment mover, we are proud to introduce you to one of our preferred vendors who can make you look great for your wedding!

Kelly Moore, of is our preferred vendor for hair and makeup services. We found Kelly through the testimonial of one of our brides who couldn’t say enough about what a great job Kelly had done for her. We’ve asked Kelly to answer a few questions about herself and her business so that you can get to know her and explore what Smooth Brides has to offer.

Kelly Working

  If you decide to use Kelly’s services, be sure to let her know that Tim & Pam from Luv Bug recommended her!

Here are her responses to our questions:

How many years have you been in business and how did you get into doing hair and makeup?

“I have been in business with smooth brides since 2005 but have been a freelance makeup artist for about 15 years.”


What other places have you worked doing hair and makeup before starting your own business?

“I have worked on the Disney show The Lion King for two years doing hair and makeup. I have also done commercials, fashion shows, theatre production and much more.”


Where are you originally from and what brought you to Vegas?

“I am originally from England, after visiting Vegas with my husband I realized that this is a place I would love to live and work. The wedding capital of the world, the theatre shows, the opportunities’ are endless. Working in London is wonderful for a freelance artist but being from a place where there is 24 million people commuting in the traffic and being punctual for any event is not easy.”


Do you use a particular makeup brand or hair products and why?

“I use Mac Cosmetics, Makeup Forever and Cinema Secrets. I love all of these products they are long lasting, mostly water proof and water based foundations which are wonderful for your wedding pictures. Hardly any touch ups will be required throughout your ceremony and photo session.”


Are your makeup products hypoallergenic?

“All the makeup I use is hypoallergenic, It is always best as an artist to have hypoallergenic products as you will come across every skin type.”


What is the best way for a bride to book your services?

“The best way for a bride to book my services is to e mail me first to make sure we are available on the date they want to book me for, then go to my website and pay the deposit. Once the deposit is paid your appointment will be booked and final details can be arranged.”


What is your favorite part of owning & operating Smooth Brides?

“My favorite part of owning and operation smooth brides for me is working for myself, having the freedom to work my own hours and being a part of someone’s big special day. I love seeing their face when they take that first look in the mirror and seeing themselves looking the best they have ever looked. Having brides e-mail me after the wedding telling me that I made them look like a princess and feel like a movie star.

All of those things make having my own company very rewarding.”


When it’s time to let your hair down and kick off your shoes what would we most likely find you doing?

“At the end of a long day you will find me at home with my family, spending time with my two daughters and husband, possibly out in the garden or lying by the pool, sounds good, right?”

Here are some of Smooth Bride’s before and after shots. This video is also viewable on Kelly’s website,


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