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Ghost Town, Elvis, & Eagles, Oh MY! – A Las Vegas Wedding Story

Ghost Town, Elvis, & Eagles, Oh MY! – A Las Vegas Wedding Story

When Kyle and Sarah began to plan their Las Vegas Wedding, they knew they wanted to do something really unique. Sarah, who does work as a model back home in Canada, wanted a picturesque spot to get plenty of beautiful photos with their family.

Nelson Ghost Town was the spot they chose for it's rustic setting, and the abandoned-cars-&-buildings feel of a ghost town. They knew they would get a wide variety of beautiful backgrounds for their photo shoot and wedding ceremony.

Once they had chosen Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings' Nelson Ghost Town Platinum package, they began to plan for other unique elements that they could add to their wedding day. Since it technically was a Las Vegas Wedding, they chose Elvis to officiate the ceremony. And of course, when you have Elvis running the show, you have to sing and dance!

For our Elvis Ceremonies, we always turn to Kent Ripley, because he always puts on a great show, and unlike a majority of Vegas Elvi, he actually plays the guitar and sings.... like Elvis. 

For his special element to the ceremony, Kyle really wanted a unique ring bearer entry. They contacted Joe the Birdman, who was able to bring out Sheba, a Bateleur Eagle, which he had procured from Sigfried and Roy some years ago.

Sheba was able to land on Kyle's arm with the rings in a pouch around her ankle, and allow our couple to exchange their eagle-delivered wedding rings as a memorable part of their ceremony.

With their vows completed, it was time to take a photo tour of Nelson Ghost Town and capture some beautiful memories. Nelson Ghost Town is about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas and has several acres of historic cars and rustic buildings, as well as the surrounding desert to use as a wonderful photography backdrop.

Kyle & Sarah knew they wanted to get as much as they could out of their Las Vegas Wedding, so they blended the best of both worlds for their photos.


So remember, for your Las Vegas Wedding, it doesn't have to be neon and Strip lights unless you want it to be. Vegas weddings can be so much more with the beauty surrounding the valley. And, if you really want it all, you can add a Las Vegas Strip Photo Tour after your Nelson Ghost Town Wedding ceremony.