Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?  – You should plan on being with us from 30-45 minutes for Strip Weddings and 1-2 hours for our Adventure Weddings depending on the package you chose. More photos would require a little more time, and photo tours usually add on 45 minutes to an hour.

What if I don’t know where I want to get married? –  For Las Vegas Strip Locations, as long as we know 48 hours in advance, we are flexible with where to meet you for your ceremony. We have found a couple of areas that work well, and several that work poorly due to traffic and other impediments.  For state park or Ghost Town ceremonies, we would need to know at least a week in advance to allow for scheduling with the park or helicopter company. PLEASE bear in mind that most Las Vegas Strip locations are appropriate for 10-15 people at most. Please inquire if you have more than 12 guests.

Where CAN I get married? – On the Las Vegas Strip, there are several spots that work well for ceremonies, from the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign to sidewalks in front of fountains or waterfalls that create a beautiful setting. Hotels and Casinos generally don’t allow ceremonies inside their properties or under their covered areas near their entrances. Some properties are more lenient than others. Pool areas are sometimes an option if you coordinate through your hotel concierge. We have no affiliation with any Strip Resort Property, Hotel, or Casino. Our Adventure packages are set locations at the venue described in the package. The property managers set the locations available for our Adventure Weddings, and our operating agreement allows us to use those specific locations.

How many guests can I bring? – As we specialize in elopements, most of the venues work well for up to 10-15 people. Larger groups limit location choices, in large part due to the fact that it’s illegal to block public right-of-ways. 😉 The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, for example, can accommodate a larger crowd, as there is room to spread out in front of the sign. If you prefer to rent a private venue for larger parties, we are happy to come to you and facilitate your wedding ceremony and photos. Many of the Adventure Wedding venues have guest caps as well, so be sure to check the details for the package you are interested in to be sure it will work for your party. Many venues charge additional fees for groups who are larger than 10, and usually in increments of 10, so please feel free to contact us for your options and additional details.

What type of ceremony will I get? – Our standard ceremony is a meaningful ceremony centered around your love. We pronounce our couples “husband and wife” at the close of the ceremony, unless you request otherwise. An explicitly  Christian ceremony is available at no extra charge and upon request.  If the Bride and Groom want to incorporate their own vows, then we will gladly make room in the ceremony for them to read their vows to one another.

Is transportation included? – For our couples who aren’t driving themselves, some packages don’t include transportation, but we have relationships with limo and coach companies that we can connect you with. Be sure to check all of our packages at your desired location, as many of them do provide for transportation included in the package price.

How do we know where to meet? – For Las Vegas Strip Locations, we will send an informational email to set a meeting spot near your ceremony location. We will always provide you with contact information in case we need to connect. Be sure to bring your cell phone with the number you’ve given us with your booking so we can contact you. We normally arrive 10-15 minutes early to find a good spot and set up for your ceremony.   For State Park and Nelson Adventure ceremonies, we will meet you in the parking area of your chosen venue and travel over to the ceremony site together.  Your confirmation email will contain the details and directions. =)

Are there any hidden fees?  – We work hard to ensure that the package price you pay covers all of our services on your wedding day. We have included the cost of our services, both photos and minister’s ceremony, as well as any fees for the venue you have chosen. State Parks and Nelson Ghost Town charge a fee for wedding services, and most will charge more for a higher number of guests. We will inform you of any additional guest fees at the time of booking so there are no surprises. Couples are responsible for purchasing a Marriage License from the Marriage Bureau, and the Clark County Clerk’s fee for a marriage license is $77. This is a governmental fee separate from our package price. Additionally, the Recorder’s office charges a $15 fee to print and send a certified copy of your marriage license. You may order your certified marriage certificate no sooner than two weeks after the date the ceremony has taken place. If you require expedited filing of your marriage documents, we can facilitate that for an additional charge.

Gratuities, while always appreciated, are not required, but are completely up to you if you feel we have provided a great experience for you. For renewal ceremonies, there are no paperwork requirements, but we will provide you with a Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings Renewal Certificate to commemorate your special day. (no charge) 😉

How do I get my photos/video? – We operate on a 100% digital delivery platform for your photos and video. In the week following your ceremony, You will receive an email with your gallery link and instructions on how to choose the photos that came with your package. You choose the number of photos that are included in your package, OR if you decide you want ALL the photos offered, you can choose to purchase the entire gallery and download them to your computer. If you choose only the photos that are included in your package, then you will receive another gallery link to freely download the photos you’ve chosen. Your gallery will be password protected, so it is not open to the public. Our digital delivery allows you to share your gallery with friends or family as long as you provide them with the link and the password. When you download your photos, we provide a personal use license which allows you to post them online, or take your image file to a local photo processor for printing. You may also opt to purchase prints from our online store and have them shipped to you, or even to family members as gifts. We do NOT provide commercial use licenses for our images.

Will I get all the photos? – Well…. no. We always provide post-processing of your images to draw out the best aspects of the lighting, the couple, and the venue. It is a large part of the service we offer, and as such we do not include images that would be considered outtakes – i.e. closed eyes, awkward expressions, or images that contain other distractions that take away from the image quality. Rather than providing low-quality, high-count photo packages, we focus on giving you the images that appropriately tell the story of your wedding. For those packages that include posed shots, you will have the opportunity to choose which images you want to select as part of your package. If you really want a ginormous amount of photos, you should book additional photography from our upgrades. See more about our photo philosophy at WHAT SETS US APART. There is no guarantee given that any specific pose or image will turn out, but we do guarantee that you will get the amount of photos that are included in your package.

Can I change my bouquet or the venue? – We would be happy to change your bouquet selection or Las Vegas Strip ceremony location as long as we have at least 24 hours notice. Venue changes at state parks may require at least two week’s notice (14 days), as there are fees and scheduling involved through the park/venue managers.

Can I cancel and get a refund? – Booking fees are nonrefundable but are fully transferable. That means that if you need to move the date and time of your ceremony, there is no charge as long as we have at least 48 hours notice for Strip packages, and 14-days notice for Valley of Fire, Nelson Ghost Town, Lake Las Vegas, or Tule Springs packages. If your package carries a venue fee and you wish to move it, there may be a small change in the venue fee. Your credit with Las Vegas Luv Bug is good for a full year from the date of the original ceremony, so even if you need to move it up to a year, we can facilitate your rescheduling, with no penalties, as long as 14-day notice is given.  If you want to cancel your wedding altogether,  the booking fees are unfortunately non-refundable. This agreement between Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings and the wedding couple becomes effective when payment is made to secure the reservation. At the time this agreement takes effect, Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings shall reserve the date and time agreed upon, and not make any other reservations or accept any other clients for said date and time. For this reason, in the event that couples cancel their reservation for any reason, all monies paid shall be retained by Las Vegas Luv Bug Weddings in order to offset its loss of business. Please refer to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS page.