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A Stormy Valley of Fire Wedding

A Stormy Valley of Fire Wedding

This is probably the fastest we've ever posted a blog on one of our weddings, as it just took place yesterday, but this was such a beautiful setting that we couldn't wait to share. As an outdoor wedding company, we are often asked about weather issues and what happens if it rains. Well, rain or shine, we will send you home married! Las Vegas and the surrounding area sees about 300 days of sunshine a year, so the odds are really good that your day will be sunny and make for a great wedding experience. But sometimes, sunny isn't the best setting. Overcast skies can make for some really dramatic photography.

Dale and Rachael came to Las Vegas from the U.K. to elope in the stunning beauty of the Valley of Fire State park. The day of their ceremony, there were storm and flash flood warnings in Las Vegas. Checking the weather, we saw that there was only a 40% chance of rain at the time of their ceremony, so we set out for the Valley of Fire to meet them undeterred!

10 minutes from the turnoff to the Valley of Fire Road, we received a call from our couple informing us that the road is closed due to flooding. We contacted the Park, and they said they were still open, and that we should try the West entrance on the Lake Meade side. So we connected with our couple and had them follow us through Moapa Valley and Overton on a 60-mile detour to enter the Valley from the opposite side. They had rented a Chevy Camaro, and didn't mind driving it a little further.

We reached our wedding spot only 45 minutes after our planned start time, and there were only a few light sprinkles. But what the clouds did for the photography was breathtaking!!


We only had a few scattered showers, and we were able to perform the ceremony and grab some really beautiful images in just under an hour. The clouds actually enhance the photography, and when the red limestone is wet from the rain, it actually draws more texture and color through the lens for the photos.

For those of you who are wondering, if there is a complete downpour, there are covered picnic areas as a fallback for the ceremony, and we have umbrellas for the Bride and Groom. We don't mind getting a little wet to capture the big moment and celebrate your love! Rain or shine, the show will go on...

Dale and Rachael actually decided to retrace our drive through the small town of Overton on their way out, as the drive and views had charmed them as they passed through. An unexpected addition to their elopement adventure for their Valley of Fire Wedding.